The Unnatural Protein Facility's searchable website with references and applications is in preparation. Below are general categories with ncAA images from the literature. Please email to new publications, abilities, and reviews and we will link to them. No particular ncAA has been left out on purpose. The UP facility will indicate which of the below ncAA it has used in house as well as those that are commercially available. Please send us your favorite ncAA papers so we can let others know about them.


Common ncAA Abilities

Mapping weak protein interactions (crosslinkers)

Probing post-translational modifications and their role in cell function.

Time resolved activation of protein function using photo-protection of natural amino acids.

Installation of spectroscopic probes for NMR.

Installation of spectroscopic probes for IR and FRET.

Installation of spectroscopic probes for fluorescence imaging.

Labeling of proteins in vivo and in vitro.


Below is a structural list of ncAA incorporated into organisms that have been published at least once.